Carpentry (Wood Crops)

Inspired by the combination of different kinds of wood such as pine, oak, cedar, teak and maple that are only obtainable from imported cargo pallets, all Aigiri products are fully handcrafted by their experienced craftsmen. Aigiri is able to customize any piece of furniture for you using reclaimed wood.

It has always been a reliable source for eco-friendly backdrops or signboards made from wood. If you are looking for something unique and natural to beautify your event or shop, Aigiri is your best bet. They regard themselves as the specialist in wood and steel as they craft simple, functional and beautiful pieces of furniture. This includes tables, chairs, stools, shelves and so on. Priding themselves on their creativity and craftsmanship, Aigiri aims not only to produce modish woodcrafts, but also wood-based furniture that are functional and long-lasting.